Finally...A Phone System That Creates An Amazing
"5 Star Front Desk"

UPbook dramatically increases your revenue and efficiency through improving your Front Desk's performance and workflow.

See why UPbook Phones has a 98% retention and raving Practice Owner reviews!

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Discover Why Over 350+ Practices Trust UPbook To Grow Their Business

Stop holding your practice back with misguided marketing and front-desk operations. Consolidate everything under one roof and gain rich insight into what’s working and what’s not, while growing your practice.

UPbook is Growing Healthcare Practices

UPbook is Growing Healthcare Practices All Over The Country

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Specialist Medicine
  • Veterinarians
  • Other Healthcare Practices...

"UPbook is the missing link we have been waiting for. We are now converting 92% of our new patient callers into appointments and we now have more patients and revenue than ever before!"

Dr. Randy - Receptionist Software UPbook - Dr. Randy


In Fact, On Average, UPbook Members Book An Additional 20 to 80 New Patients Per Month.

Turn your phones and the people answering them into drivers of your growth with the UPbook Phone System.

“With UPbook Phones, our New Patients have gone from 16 to 47 per month! My POD group share similar results. Yeah baby!”

Dr. Kathy - Software UPbook - Dr. Kathy

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Telemedicine Software - UPbook
Front Desk Software - UPbook

Get Clarity Into Your Practice’s Operations

Instantly see how your front desk is performing, with call recordings, call scoring, and missed call data across your entire team. That way, you can make the right management decisions based on actual data.

And because UPbook is based on rewards, not punishments, your team will love the transparency and accountability it unlocks.

“UPbook is the core of our benchmark crushing growth. I recommend it to every Practice Owner, as without it, you are literally losing hundreds of New Patients per year. ”

Dr. Aron - Telemedicine UPbook - Dr. Aron

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Hardware That Supercharges Your Growth

Phone bills are a thing of the past. With UPbook, you get a brand new phone system for FREE, that integrates right into the software and brings crystal clear calls with VoIP calling technology.

Your team will love the workflow efficiencies with UPbook.

“Around the practice we call our old phone system our "dumb phones" as UPbook literally blows them out of the water. The audio is crystal clear, and the effectiveness we have gained are tremendous.”

Rachel - Front Desk UPbook - Rachel

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Receptionist Software - UPbook

Our Guarantee to YOU!

“If UPbook doesn’t result in an additional 36 new patients over the next year, your next year is entirely free!”

We’re so confident that UPbook will grow your practice that we’re in a position to guarantee your success.

Sara Operations Manager - UPbook

Everyone gathers around and listens to the calls - its a really great tool to identify exactly where we can make improvements. The data has been eye opening and at our practice we login and use UPbook every day!."

- Sara

Operations Manager

Dr. Leslie - Software UPbook

"UPbook is the best thing we ever did!
I love the Intercom system, cordless phones, and we now have way better capabilities over all.
I would also like to give a big shout out to the UPbook Phone Support Team, stating how amazing every interaction they had was and that any issues were resolved quickly!

The way this has enhanced our workflow has been a true gamechanger.
Great job all!!”

- Dr. Leslie

Dr. Diana - Front Desk UPbook

“We are now hitting 100+ appointments per month which is a number I never imagined. And UPbook has been a critical part of this achievement as it enables us to turn as many calls into appointments as possible.”

- Dr. Diana

Dr. Jamie - Receptionist Software UPbook

“Before using UPbook we were averaging 110 new clients per month, now we are breaking 200, and the only thing that is different is UPbook! It has been a game-changer.”

- Dr. Jamie

Francis, Practice Owner - Telemedicine UPbook

On Sunday evening, Practice Owner Francis received a call that his 2 Front Desk team members were having to start a 14 day quarantine Monday morning…

"If we did not have UPbook, it would have been a disaster as our Doctor and staff were so busy they wouldn't have been able to run the Front Desk at the same time.

This way with UPbook, our Front Desk was entirely run by our quarantined team members and our clients never even know the difference!"

- Francis, Practice Owner

Dr. Peggy - Software UPbook

We love UPbook, especially the unique ringtones related to our workflow and our clients love the on-hold process. We are very happy UPbook members 🙂

July was the highest revenue month on record and with 92 new patients (also a record!) for this single vet practice! UPbook conversion rate 92% with 11 five-star calls.

- Dr. Peggy

Dr. Rene - Front Desk UPbook

I love UPbook! It provides our call performance numbers and we sit down as a team helping each other improve. Now that we use UPbook, I can't imagine running my practice without it!

- Dr. Rene

Valerie - Practice Manager - UPbook

I still remember sitting in the office with Leslie looking and out the window. I was watching the traffic going by and saying what are we doing wrong??? I am out of ideas, WE NEED HELP!!!

We are absolutely thrilled with our progress in only one year!!! You all have made the world of difference for us!!! I am so pleased we jumped right in, as we haven't looked back ever since!

You all are truly the BEST!!!

- Valerie - Practice Manager

Dr. Cathie - Telemedicine UPbook

September new clients up 162% over last year!

- Dr. Cathie

Dr. Rod Practice Owner - UPbook

August new clients up 33% and revenue up 24.5% over last year!

- Dr. Rod

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