We're On A Mission...

To Turn Your Phones and the People Answering Them Into Key Drivers of Your Practice's Revenue & Success

Through working with 1000's of practices, we have found a secret...
it's all about the Front Desk!

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Your Front Desk "Makes or Breaks" Your Practice

We believe if you have a great business and a poor Front Desk your practice will suffer (and unfortunately we have the data to prove it!)

We also believe good decisions are made with the help of data, and the best way to create high Front Desk performance is through exciting targets and real time rewards...turning this difficult position into a fun and challenging role.

Front Desk for Your Practice - UPbook
Front Desk Missed Calls Graph - UPbook

If New Patients Are Important, Measure What Matters

Through recording, reviewing, & scoring front desk calls, UPbook is able to provide detailed data on how each team member is performing.
Finally you can optimize the Front Desk to turn as many of your New Patient calls into appointments as possible (and know when something is wrong that is killing your appointment flow!).
This process provides a 10x-30x return for UPbook members while significantly improving their client experience.

Join a movement of Practice Owners who are transforming their practice through enabling their Front Desk. 

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